Advertise in India


Indian economy has been flourishing since the recent improved reforms related to business freedom, property rights and trade freedom. Such new reforms have brought efficient results to the economy including government sector as well as public sector for business and investment environment. Indian economy is the seventh largest economy in the world with a position in G-20 (Group of twenty) who is growing at good rate.

With various other industries of India helping the GDP, the Advertising Industry of India is booming. Starting with a small scale industry, it has travelled a long way to reach full fledged industry milestone. From showing creativity in their advertisements or the capital investment that runs business to function or number of jobs it has created for the people, Indian advertising industry has created a name for itself in the global market in a appraisable way.


  1. Population:
    1. Male 51.5%
    2. Female48.5%
  2. Ethnicity:
    1. Indo-Aryan 72%
    2. Dravidian 25%
    3. Mongoloid 3%
  3. Media Scene in India
    1. Annual growth rate of advertising spending in India 10.7%
    2. Projected advertising revenue 474billion
    3. Print advertising revenue 162.6 billion
    4. Projected TV advertising spending in India $2.37 billion
    5. Projected radio advertising revenue 16.6 billion
    6. Projected newspaper advertising spending in India $2.93 billion
    7. Digital advertising spending in India $0.77 billion
  1. Top 3 Newspapers:
    1. DainikBhaskar
    2. DainikJagran
    3. The Times of India
  2. Top 3 Magazines:
    1. Mangalam Weekly
    2. India Today
    3. Readers Digest
  3. Top 4 TV channels
    1. Set Max
    2. Sony Picture
    3. Starplus
    4. NDTV

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Statistics of Advertising Industry:
Medium 2010 2011 % Growth
TV 11854 14994 26%
Print 13199 14387 9%
Radio 1325 1653 25%
Digital 1165 1573 35%
OOH 1733 1906 10%
Cinema 135 157 16%
Total 29411 34670 18%