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Pakistan is a growing economy that is soon to make an immense change in the global economic market. The opportunity for businesses to grow and expand and become part of this progress is up for grabs. With CPEC shaping up to be a success, Pakistan becomes the major transit point connecting Eurasian region with South Asia and South East Asia and provide a much needed base to kick start its economic evolution. Soon to become the hub of world trading, Pakistan has an opening for development in economic, financial, commercial, industry, commerce and much more. Around 30 million people have access to internet and are in a constant and instant connection with the world. Dip your toes in this economic pool and savor the treats of progression.


  1. Population:
    1. Male 49%
    2. Female 51%
  2. Ethnicity:
    1. Punjabi 44%
    2. Pathan 15.42%
    3. Sindhi 14.1%
    4. Saraiki 8.38%
    5. Balochi 3.57%
  3. Media Scene in Pakistan
    1. Total Advertising Spend in Pakistan is estimated at 30 Billion Rupees.
    2. Print advertising revenue 15.45 billion
    3. Outdoor advertising revenue 3.00 billion
    4. Radio advertising revenue 3.00 billion
    5. Internet advertising revenue 2.02 billion
  1. Top 3 Newspapers:
    1. The Daily Jang
    2. Naw-i-Waqt
    3. Dawn
  2. Top Magazines
    1. Akhbar-e-Jaha (Urdu)
    2. Weekly Pulse (English)
    3. Herald (English)
    4. She (English)
  3. Top 5 TV channels
    1. PTV Home
    2. ARY Digital
    3. A-TV
    4. Urdu 1
    5. Hum TV

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Media (FY 2009-10) Rs. (Billions) % share % change from last year
TV 17.29 57.48 17
Print 13199 14387 9%
Radio 7.31 24.30 4
Radio/FM 1.18 3.92 5
Outdoor 2.60 8.64 9
DM/POP/ Brand Activation/ Misc. 1.70 5.65 9
Total 30.08 100.00 12